Made for LOWREZJAM 2021

in a fantasy world... there are 3 magic crystals that have great powers, but one day the three crystals are taken by greedy creatures to create chaos in the world and create many evil creatures called MEGABEAST.


- move [arrow] or [A, D]

- jump [space]

- attack [Z] or [J]

- pause [esc]


MFauzan - programming & art

David Bock - music & sfx - font

Bubblegum 16 - Color Palette


Download 18 MB
Download 19 MB
Download 32 MB
MB_android.apk 17 MB


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I enjoyed the art and music as well.  I got wreaked by bees ;P.  Only criticism would probably making the level selection more clear, as I think I cycled though stages twice before realizing I needed to click on it.


Fantastic art and music! Love it


Simple, charming and fun. Sword swings are super satisfying, I really enjoyed just swinging it around a bunch. My only real criticism is that it got annoying swapping between keyboard and mouse on the menus.


This game is really cute and charming! Music is very well used and the graphics look very good! Will come back to rate this well